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Віртуальні фото 3d-панорами вулиць та визначних місць міста Київа - найдавнішого міста на березі Дніпра, столиці України


Культурна столиця України


Адміністративний центр Волинської області, місто, де сучасність тісно переплітається з історією


Колишня приватна резиденція Президента України В. Януковича у с. Нові Петрівці

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What is OpenUkraine?

Tourist regions and cities of Ukraine

Interesting places, a variety of tourist routes

Unique multimedia content

Bird's-eye view of cities and landscape.

High quality

Interactive walk by the chosen place.

Socially-oriented resource

High quality of the project visual part. High-quality photographic material.

About project

The project brings together all the tourist regions and cities of Ukraine. It contains a variety of tourist routes, an aerial view of cities and landscapes, interactive walk by the chosen place. User-friendly navigation interface allows you to walk easily through the streets of the selected city when you choose one of the tourist routes or create your own, it allows you to orient (through integration with geo-information systems), to go to interested objects with a mouse click. If you want you can immediately select the hotel or the restaurant appreciating its interior in the desired city. Interesting places of shooting, high-quality photographic material encourages users to get acquainted with Ukraine not only virtual, but real. At the moment the site is under construction but soon you will be able to see Ukraine the way you have not seen it before. Discover Ukraine!








Кримське узберіжжя




3D and aero
The project brings together all the tourist regions and cities of Ukraine.
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